Release 2.0 is here

Folders & Rehearsal Music

This program will be a tool for concert & rehearsal planning, archiving historical info, tracking lost or missing music, and a way to locate the physical paper chart in the real world. After having to put this project aside for a few months I'm excited to get the first major feature up and running.

Virtual Folders

Add new folder

Location Information

When planning a concert or concert series, the conductor or librarian creates a virtual folder to correspond with the real folder. The virtual folder dates control how the information is shared around the Library  program.

When the conductor is searching and reviewing music in the the library database he or she can add their selections to a virtual folder.

Once the chart (music) is in the virtual folder the program starts sharing the information other areas of the library program. What that means is when you are viewing info about a chart there is a note about where the real chart is located.

Conductor Tools

Add to Folder

When the list is complete the conductor tells the librarian in any manner, text, email, phone call, over beer, on the ski lift, the music list is complete and ready to go. The librarian then uses the information on the list to pull the chart (music) from the library and to stuff into folders.

Once a piece is in a virtual folder the conductor has a place to enter information for future use. The note will automatically appear on the music detail page.

Band Member Tools

Guest and Band Member View

Guest and Band Member View

When the band starts rehearsing the music, the librarian or conductor can email the folder URL to the  band. Members can read rehearsal notes, if any, and listen to a sample of the piece.


Librarian Tools

Librarian Notes

Librarian Controls

The 'librarian' note button under each piece will be a place to make notes of missing or reordered parts and condition pf the piece. These notes will automatically appear in the chart detail page for future use.

The librarian also has a control to add public and privates notes to a virtual folder about real folders that have not been returned. For example, we are missing the clarinet 3 folder from the Halloween 2014 concert. I added a public note that it has not been returned, all members can see this note. I put a private note telling where I think it is, I can and any notes about what we did to retrieve it, conductors and board members can only see this. In the future,  when a conductor is viewing chart info for any of the pieces that were in that missing folder there will be note saying that in fall of 2014 the clarinet 3 folder was not turned in. We can check to see if we need to order any extra parts before we pass out the music. 

The librarian has some controls that only he/she can see. Here the folder can be marked “Purged” and the program knows the music has been refiled and removes the location notes from other places.

Deleting Folders can only be done by librarians and web administrators.

When you look at the entire folder page you can see much of what I have planned, I will even have a place to keep track of the music budget within the program. BUT this takes time, things will start working one at a time.


Necessity, the mother of invention

Screen shot 2014-06-13 at 2.36.10 PMAfter hours of searching and testing WordPress plugins for a perfect way to store our music library database I finally decided to write my own program. It is currently integrated with WordPress, when the functions are working it will be switched to a plug in and ready for testing.